Raspberry PI Zero OTG Shell access

Raspberry PI Zero Setup [ OTG Shell access ]

To setup your Raspberry Pi Zero OTG, First off you will need to flash Raspbian lite or Full on your SD card. Once you have finished the flash, leave your SD card in your PC. We will need to change your config.txt and cmdline.txt files

Raspberry Pi Zero OTG Initial Setup


Down and dirty

1. Find your SD Card partition and open your config.txt and add dtoverlay=dwc2 at the bottom

2. Now we will need to create a blank file named ssh with no extension. [ make sure .txt is deleted ]

3. Our next step is crucial that we keep the same syntax. This file requires a certain format for parsing or you will possibly run into errors. So we need to open cmdline.txt Now find rootwait and add a single space and add modules-load=dwc2,g_ether


  • Now we will eject out SD card, insert it into the Pi Zero.
  • Plug in your USB Micro Data cable into the Pi The first boot takes up to 2-3 Minutes. [ No need for external Power, your pc will power the Pi ]
  • Once it has finished you will see a USB Ethernet device. This is your Pi Zero.
  • You can now SSH into it user ssh pi@raspberrypi.local as your address
  • Your default pasword is raspberry

You have now accessed your Raspberry Pi Zero through OTG ssh.

Raspberry Pi Zero OTG Setup


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