Raspberry Pi Master Course

Getting Started

  1. Headless Setup with Raspbian and SSH
  2. Install Windows 10 IoT and Remote Login on Raspberry Pi
  3. Setting up Raspberry Pi with Peripherals
  4. Samba – Local NAS
  5. Resource Log H-Top
  6. Emulators – SNES – NES CLASSIC
  7. Private VPN with Raspberry Pi
  8. Control LED with Raspberry Pi
  9. Dedicated Media Center with Raspberry Pi

Intermediate Courses

Raspberry Pi Courses for users that are comfortable with programming, using the command line and accessing the Raspberry pi via SSH.

Advanced Courses

  1. Raspberry Pi Automation
  2. Hardware Projects
  3. Bitcoin mining with Raspberry Pi
  4. Raspberry Pi Robotics
  5. Home Automation with Raspberry Pi
  6. IoT Automation with Raspberry Pi Mastery Course
  7. Raspberry Pi Twitch Chat Bot
  8. Raspberry Pi Security System with Cameras and PIR
  9. Raspberry Pi Plex Server
  10. Raspberry Pi Kodi Server
  11. ADS Flight REcorder https://pimylifeup.com/raspberry-pi-ads-b-receiver/
  12. Working with exFat and adding support to your Pi
  13. Raspberry Pi  – Pi-Hole : A Network wide Ad-Blocker