Welcome to YoloDigi!

I have been working as much as possible, getting this site ready for launch.

Currently working 12 hour day’s with crazy scheduling, –thus making it very difficult to get a routine down for sleep and such.

So I am pushing myself to work atleast 1-2 hours a day to complete this for you! I would say I am 60% complete with the layout/theme. Than I’ll start working on videos and graphics for the homepage.

SO If you are intrested in food, technology, vaping or photography.. You will deffinatly want to bookmark this page. I will be posting recipes, tutorials, reviews and so much more.


Beta Tester


I was just accepted to be apart of a beta program for facebook / twitter / google Analytics. I will be posting screen shots and my thoughts on the new program once I get some time on it.

windows 10 tweaks

Customize Your Windows 10 with addon’s, speed, more space, less interruptions, more..

If you want a cleaner, smaller iso, no assistant, no app store, better browsing, better gaming… The list goes on and on with endless posibilities using these simple tweaks for your windows 10 install. If you have a Creators Update Version. 1753, This is a HUGE Benefit. If you have the LTSB 1607. This is […]


Raspberry PI Zero Setup [ OTG Shell access ]

First off you will need to flash Raspbian lite or Full on your SD card. Once you have finished the flash, leave your SD card in your PC. We will need to change your config.txt and cmdline.txt files Raspberry PI Zero Setup [ OTG Shell access ] Raspberry Pi Zero OTG Initial Setup Down and […]


Recipe Dish Show Offs!

Hello, I wanted to show off some of my past dishes. Please stay tuned for more delicious content!!  


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